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D4 Solutions-
Brand Solutions & Online PR | Content and Concept Development| Social Media and Website Management

Dekyns IV Technologies- Systems Hardware Support: Acquisition| Upgrade| Maintenance| Repairs

SILPTD Lifecoaching-
Self-Improvement| Leadership| Personal & Team Development.

MBS Blogs-Biz initiatives
- Motivational Thoughts and Insights
-Brands.Events & Concepts
-Soccer Analysis

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We offer quite dynamic services with integrity and excellence is our hallmark.

  • Freedom Park,
    1, Hospital Road, off Broad Street,
    Lagos Island, Lagos 2341

Lagos Island, Ikoyi,Victoria Island,Lekki,Ajah

We are a business solutions outfit put together as an answer to a pressing need for unique,dynamic and excellent service delivery, within the local and global work space. Dekyns-IV Enterprises BN2181503
offers professional services on four major fronts : 
D4 solutions, Dekyns-IV technologies,SILPTD Coaching and MBS Blogs (our business blogs initiative). 
As a start-up, we have grown over the space of two years beginning from the scratch with hardware support as a core and then incorporating brand solutions and our other services along the way.We have continually evolved dynamically over time in to a great combination of hardware support, brand solutions, content and concept development et al.  Read More

Inspiration for the Week

One of the most delicate things to do is to lead, and not just anyone but your self. There is this kind of a funny feeling when it is your person involved. When you lead people, it seems easier, knowing that you could detach yourself and your emotions from the process, and let it run its due course- discipline and all - knowing it is for a greater good. But now when you have the tables turned, and it is time to work on you, not by anyone else, but the same person in question. Then the doubts arise, and emotions begin to get into play. Read More

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.
 Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.